Upgrade SuSE Leap 15.2 to 15.3?

Hi, I’m on Rockstor stable 4.0.9.-0 based on SuSE Leap 15.2. since a while.
Is it possible to upgrade to 15.3 just by using zypper?
Which repos shoud be changed? If they are not hardcoded, can I just use parameter $releasever and set it to 15.3?
Does anyone already upgraded rockstor installation from 15.2 to 15.3?

kind regards

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Hi @anborn,

Thanks for bringing this up; it is indeed a question that was asked before and we started testing that. We’re still working a bit more on this to make sure everything is as it should be before we can provide clear documentation on the process, however. Nonetheless, I’ll try to answer briefly your questions below.

The brief answer is yes: it is possible to upgrade to 15.3 from 15.2 just by using zypper. We unfortunately are not using the $releasever parameter but changing this manually is still relatively trivial. As you mentioned, upgrading to 15.3 pretty much simply involves modifying the repos and then running the upgrade but the move from 15.2 to 15.3 does involve an additional step due to the newly-added use of SLE repos. Long story short, it would require a dist-upgrade followed by an additional round of updates to get everything up-to-date.

As mentioned above, we do have a workaround that we started testing but we’re still verifying a few things about it to make sure we don’t miss anything major.


Thank you Flox!
Great to hear that you are already working on this issue. I’ll be patient and wait for your final runbook to perform the upgrade to Leap 15.3
At the moment I see no urgent need to do it, but Leap 15.2. will reach end of lifecycle end of 2021, as far as I was informed. I already updated my other systems to Leap 15.3.

Thanks for your brief answer for the moment.



@anborn Apologies for taking so long to chip in on this one. I saw a more recent post of yours and noticed this older one was dangling:

We have now had, for a little while now, the following how-to that is the ‘runbook’ you reference:

“Distribution update from 15.2 to 15.3”

But be sure, as in the howto, to be on at least Rockstor v4.1.0-0 before you do this. There’s a fix in that last release (the first v4 stable release) that avoids a breakage. 4.1.0-0 is available in both the testing channel and the current stable channel updates. Do not go beyond 4.1.0-0 in the testing channel as we are soon to embark on the next testing release phase which will take us back to the beginning of a new series of initially unworkable testing releases as we again move towards the next major stable release.

Hope that helps.


Thanks again! I am up to date now.

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