Uploading files

Hi, really don’t want to be dense here, but I’ve found absolutely nothing on how to put files on a Rockstor share. I’ve installed Rockstor, accessed it from my Windows 10 pc, created shares, but now have no idea what to do next. I’ve searched the forum, Googled, Wiki’d… everything is either cryptic or not explained. Is there an actual step by step of how to set this up?

@blabbaboo Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Maybe the missing piece here is the export step.

The pool is the collection of drive storage, the share is a named section of that pool’s storage, and the export is how that share is accessed externally. Hopefully the official Rockstor docs can help here, and more specifically the Basic Concepts section and the Samba/CIFS section.

The doc are also linked to from Rockstor’s Web-UI via:

Support -> Documentation

Hope that helps.

Hi @blabbaboo,

As mentioned by @phillxnet, this is all in the wiki, but to paraphrase:

A ‘share’ is is only part of the equation. Think of it as a car parking lot in a locked basement - a share is just space. While the car parking lot exists, you still need to open the basement before you can park in it, or access any cars already parked there.

By creating an SMB or NFS export, you are ‘opening the door’ to the basement - giving your other systems a way to access the share.

Thus, at the moment, you have created a Share, and you now need an Export pointed at that share.

If you have created a share called ‘media’, then configuring this to be accessible by your windows clients should be norhting more than:

  • hover ‘Storage’ and select '‘Samba’ under ‘File Sharing’
  • Select the share ‘media’ from the first list
  • Enable admin users (if required)
  • Enable browseable (means your windows clients can see it in a list)
  • Enable guest OK (If you want unauthenticated access)
  • Disable read-only (Assuming you want to be able to add stuff to the share from the client computers)
  • Click submit

I strongly recommend you investigate and recognize the difference between Rockstor’s “shares” and “exports”, as depending on your requirements later, without this familiarity you may have difficulty installing Rockstor plugins (Rockons)