UPS Configuration

My boss told me to connect the servers to a UPS over network in order to perform logical shutdown. We have a dell 1920W Rack UPS and network management card is installed. I was given access to Dell Network management card Web interface as well as to a server which is serially connected to the UPS. Can anyone help me to establish the connection over network.
Thank you.

@Sai_Phani_Teja Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Rockstor uses Network UPS Tools (NUT) for it’s UPS communications and although we don’t surface all of NUT’s pretty vast capabilities we hopefully surface enough for your requirements:

Please see UPS / NUT Setup section of our docs for the details of what capabilities of NUT we provide via the UI.

Essentially your task is down to descerning what nut driver to employ and the settings / credentials appropriate to your setup. I’m afraid I aren’t familiar with that model or it’s network capabilities / protocols but you should be able to find some pointers via searches for NUT network access to that model when it has the management card in. At a guess I would say, unless the server serially connected is also running NUT in server mode to serve other NUT clients (of which one could be your Rockstor instance) your best bet would be to research getting power/battery state info via the network management card. Rockstor / NUT can directly interface with the 1920W via either the usbhid-ups or mge-shut drivers but that is not what you are asking and you already have a ‘master’ machine directly connected. So depends on if you already have another NUT server on the network or not you could try interface to the card via something like the snmp-ups driver. If you look to the link within the tooltip on the NUT config page “NUT Driver” option within Rockstor it links to this page:

where we have in the dell section:

“Various (SNMP mode)
UPS Network Management Card snmp-ups”

I’m afraid I haven’t tested the snmp-ups driver functionality within Rockstor myself though.

Hope that helps.