Upstream Appman/Open Collective issue

We currently have an ongoing issue with retrieving emails (for activation code setup) from Open Collective. An issue has been opened with Open Collective about an as yet undefined change in behaviour and our existing tests still work to prove our own function: however when we call back to Open Collective directly after we receive their WebHook, we seem to be exercising a recent bug where the requried email for activation code instructions is not yet available !

Hopefully this will be resolved soon and may just turn out to be an issue with changing requirements on our part - but if you have had no response email response from Appman when trying to activate a recent Stable updates subscription membership at Open Collective, please email support.

The most recent instructions on Stable updates activation are in our latest stable v4.6.1 and in our current testing run (latest v5.0.5 as of writing). The following pull request updated these instructions in line with our Open Collective integration.


Note Appliance ID can change between installs: but normally remains persistent to the motherboard.

Hope that helps, by way of an in-flux issue that I am currently focusing on. We should have at least a work-around available shortly. To date we have 2 affected new OC members, both of which have been notified by email from myself about this hick-up.


We may have some progress on this issue as a new transaction WebHook just received by Appman (from Open Collective) looks to have functioned as expected. I have updated my upstream GitHub issue accordingly, with a query as to if this is a know issue that has now been resolved.