Urgent! boot device died

@cbits68 Hello again.
I can chip in on this bit:

Yes, we have seen this occur from time to time. And the hint is the following:

docker: Error response from daemon: stat /mnt2/ROCK-ONS/btrfs/subvolumes/bf85d96eb6bc3f36e633530611881ca3a8ee8da7bd107aa78341b4b3ae80a7ec: no such file or directory.'

It’s as if docker doesn’t recognise it’s own reports of the subvol it’s reporting. We haven’t tracked it down yet but we have seen this. And as you have found out, a new rock-ons-root kicks things off nicely again. As we have yet to established a reproducer we don’t have much to put in a GitHub issue for this one unfortunately. Well done on finding the work around. I’ve seen this myself but only after source re-installs over existing prior Rockstor docker configs that are still running.

Hope that helps,


Just an update on my solution, which is working great now :slight_smile:
I bought an PCIe 8 port SATA III card with 6 Gbps support on all interfaces.
I had to install rockstor again, because my earlier installation was not able to start anymore, after changing ata connection of the drives.
Now all drives are up again and connected with 6gbps :slightly_smiling_face:
Import of pools and shares also done and recovery of rockstor configuration backup.I have to do a lot of manual reconfiguration, because not everything was recovered by this step.
So at the end, good news! I clould solve most issues with the new hardware and I can also see much improvement in speed.
kind regards