Usage not reporting correct after upgrade


Purchased the stable upgrade tree. Pretty happy with things so far.

After upgrading, the shares GUI is reporting 0 kb used on my shares and 0 bytes btrfs usage.

In the shell, “btrfs fi show” reports the correct values, and otherwise, all seems OK.

Shares are on LUKS volumes, if this matters.

@smanley Hello again and thanks for helping to support Rockstor’s development.

We do rely on btrfs quotas for tracking space used but they and to a much greater extent our implementation of them is a work in progress. And specifically we fail to rescan quotas when we aught to, among a few other bugs we are slowly but surely squashing.

Try the following command as root to rescan quotas:

btrfs quota rescan /mnt2/<pool-name-here>

It should output:

quota rescan started

Indicating as such. It may take some time to complete, depending on the nature and size of the data stored on the named pool.

You can view the status of the current scan/rescan via the following command:

btrfs quota rescan -s /mnt2/<pool-name-here>

Once this quota rescan has finished a share page refresh should give better results.

The quota work is ongoing so this situation should get better.

Hope that helps.

You are correct.

Overnight the system appears to have sync’d itself, and the GUI is working correctly.

On to the next tests… :smile:

@smanley Thanks for the update and glad it’s sorted.

Definitely work to be done in this area but bit by bit.