USB - Dead, is NAS data lost

So I suspect that the Rockstor OS drive has been corrupted after an upgrade.
It’s a Sandisk ULTRA 32Gb
If I install the OS onto another USB and boot the NAS will I be able to retrieve the data or has the update lost everything ?

This happened to me (still keep meaning to find a way to switch from USB to proper SSD) a while ago. Re-installing onto another USB should be fine, Rockstor will see the existing btrfs volumes and allow you to import them. The only thing I had trouble with was needing to re-do my rock-ons root to get them working 100% again (still no loss of actual data).

If you have a backup of your Rockstor configuration you’ll be able to restore some of that too. Though last I checked things like smb and nfs shares will need setting up again.

For more instructions see and the documentation it links to about importing a pool.


  1. restored the. iso to a new USB
  2. booted
  3. set time/date
  4. get go the install section about installing to a drive and
    What the heck !

That doesn’t sound so good.
Did you detach the other disks?

If the sandisk SD card is the only thing attached, it may be that the disk is no longer usage.
My first foray into Rockstor was using a similar SD card that died pretty close to immediately, I wouldn’t recommend these for continued use.

If however there are additional disks attached to the system, this is indicative of a much larger problem, still likely hardware related if even the CentOS installer cannot find the disks.