USB Devices dont auto mount

im just evaluating USB Raid with btrfs, but it seems the USB Harddrives are not auto-mounted after a reboot. They light up during boot and stay in “connected” state indicated by the light, but somehow are not recognized by the web ui and in effect not auto mounted. They show up with a gear beside them and the information that the disk is offline and can be removed by clicking the gear. A Rescan in this state changes nothing. Manually disconnecting the drives/hub and plugging it in again fixes the “detection” issue in the web ui (after a rescan) and you can then manually import the pool using the web ui.

directly after the bootup when the web ui doesnt work even after a rescan the system itself can mount the pool just fine (via ssh->mount /dev/sdX /mnt2/xyz) so it seems its not a centos thing.

Nice bug report @felixbrucker. I just submitted an issue for it.

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@felixbrucker Do you still have this problem as there have been some significant improvements on the USB front with the move to kernel 4.6.0 in the recent testing channel updates from version 3.8-13.15? Just a thought.

One of my test systems here has an external USB enclosure (single drive) that is a btrfs data disk but it works just dandy so not much help with reproducing this issue unfortunately.

Waking this thread after such a long time as if others have this same issue it might help to narrow it down a tad.


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oh, almost forgot about rockstor :wink:

i will give it a try somewhere in the next weeks when i got time!


Thanks for testing @phillxnet. I too cannot reproduce this issue. @felixbrucker, issue #880 will be closed but feel free to re-open it if you can provide reproducible steps.