Use 1 USB key on multiple servers

I’m new to the NAS world please bear with me. In not even sure if this is the correct Fourm. AnywayI have 2 identical servers each with equal number of drives. I have a usb to Ethernet nic that was discovered during setup. I have installed Rockstor on a USB key ans set it to a static IP address. If I move that USB key and USB Nic to the the second server a use the same usb ports Should I still be able to see the disk on the second server. Can i use this set up on both servers?

 While I havent tried this we can work through this as a thought experiement, my knowledge comes from mainly windows, DOS and Solaris enviroments. 
 Lets say you install and Setup one sample, and clone the OS usb stick. The setup should work, as in boot up and start the same services. 
This is where it is going to deviate. And someone please correct me if Im wrong. I imagine Rockstor is going to see the Hardrives as a new set because of Serial number differences and theb say your old drives are missing from any shares you set up.

The other issues you are going to run into are static IP address and share names conflicts.

 Really youre better off just installing it all seperately. You never know what firmware differences there are. And the going back through and changing those IP settings and adding/removing drives from the share will eat up all that time saved.

 One other thing rather than setting explicit static IP address on the NAS youre better off having your Router/DHCP server reserving the IP address per the unique MAC adress. That way you can use your router as a list to keep track of all your Static IPs