Use a SAS Expander with Rockstor?

Are there people using a SAS expander with Rockstor? What is your experience? Which SAS expander?

Yes I am using a 3U SGI Rackable SE3016 from ebay on a SAS9200-8E from Amazon. All my drives are off the expander except for my 1 boot drive which can also be on the expander.

I am pleased with the performance, I get about 109MB/S sustained on a gigabit connection over the network to my windows machine, which is about the most you can get. I am also using the motherboards built in NIC cards on both my Rockstor and Windows machines.

As for installation, it looks just like a regular hard drive directly in the machine. If you should forget to power on the external bays first, I just reboot the whole thing. If you add a drive, it can take a few minuets for the Rockstor to recognize it but that is a propagation dependency on the 9200 to notice a new drive, but I have not done a lot of testing with goof ups yet.

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I’m using the quite popular HP 24 port internal expander

works fine