Use Rockstor as Apple TimeCapsule

Hi there

I wanted to briefly share my experiences with Rockstor as Time Capsule. Since one year 4 Imacs are being backed up to AFP Share hourly.

For a very long time I was looking for a NAS that would make this really reliable. I tried many system out, but at some point all systems showed bugs. Not so with Rockstor. An yeah, just didn’t want to buy an expensive Time Capsule from apple :wink:

So to all who want a time capsule that just runs and runs and runs … do it by yourself with Rockstor.

My Rockstor ran in a VM on Unraid. Unraid is an ingenious server software. But Apple and unraid don’t like each other either…

Since a week I run the Rockstor server separately on an I7 notebook with a USB harddisk attached. It works like a charm. The UnRaid server comes into an environment where there is a public IP address - out of my house. Then NextCloud is installed in a VM. Later on I say byebye to google and co… i hope so :wink:

By greg