Users and groups etc

There is some important functionality missing from users and groups.

  1. The ability to assign users to groups (or groups to users).
  2. Setting the SetGID/SetUID permission on directories (but not files) so that files end up with the correct owner/group.
  3. Recursively applying permissions, owner and group to all files/directories in a share. As above directories require different permissions to files. A scheduled task to do this periodically would also be good.
  4. Set permission masks and forced permissions in sharing services settings.
    For SMB I am using
        create mask = 0770
        force create mode = 0660
        directory mask = 2770
        force directory mode = 2770
    For AFP I am using
      file perm = 0660
      directory perm = 2770
      chmod request = ignore
      umask = 2770
    I don’t know what settings are applicable to NFS or SFTP

Thanks for filing this with great detail. I’ve created an issue for this: