V3.9.1 Installation didnt ask for any setup and just start without interaction

I’m new to all this and just wanted to test Rockstor in a VMWare. I hav setup a VM with 1 start drive (20GB) and 4 x 40GB drives for testing functionality of Rockstore.
When I do the first setup-run, all was normal. It ask for destination, timezone, keyboard layout and so on…but it cannot install, as it could not formating the first drive. It was “dirty” from other tests and there was no option to “format before use”…
So I stopped the VM. Recreating the VM from scratch. 5 disks, all empty…When I start Rockstore setup now, the first configuration screen appears for 2 seconds and then the installtion starts without any interation from me. It chosses an installation disk without asking, it selecting time zone L.A. and US-keyboard…I dont have a chance to change it…
Can anyone tell me, WHY installition starts without clicking on “Begin installation”?



I noticed the same behavior (using Virtualbox). I thought it was something I didn’t set correctly in the VM but it appears to be a common thing.
Sorry I can’t help with it, but I’m glad you wrote that post :slight_smile:

Same here! I restart the VM and delete the first hdd and then its possible to configure. The next issue: change the keyboard layout to german-qwertz and delete english keyboard layout and after installation it is still in englisch-qwerty!

@theojk Welcome to the Rockstor community. As @toxic mentions this has been seen and we are as yet unsure of what triggers it but our installer is essentially just a rebranded upstream CentOS one with a kickstart configuration which mostly does ask. We are due to update the installer to up-stream’s latest so hopefully that will sort this one.

@toxic Thanks for reporting you work around / experience on the occasional installers shy nature re questions. Bit of an odd one that.

Yes, we also have an issue open for this one:

So bit by bit and please report your findings re progress or otherwise on these issues.