Virtio based Rockstor VM (including OS Drive)

So you want to use Rockstor on your shiny new Proxmox Node or Cluster but you can not get a Virtio based OS virtual Disk (vDisk) to work ?

Look no further, here are your step by step instructions:


  • In this How-To i will be using Storage defined in proxmox via “Datacenter -> Storage”. specifically storage that has been given the IDs “Rockstor” and “ceph_P23_R3”. if you need help setting this up, then consult the following wiki:

Step 1: Create your Proxmox-Vm.

Step 2: Create vDisks as you typically would. Choose the “Bus-Type” virtio. You wan’t to tick the “IoThread” optionYou should probably also change the “Scsi Controller Type” under Options to “Virtio”.

Step 3: After all Disks have been created, follow this Post Proxmox Serial Number passthrough to assign each vDisk a unique serial Number.
By now your /etc/pve/qemu-server/‘vmID’.conf looks something like this:

virtio0: ceph_P23_R3:vm-1091-disk-1,cache=none,discard=on,serial=‘RS-Media1-OS-01’,size=4294967296
scsihw: virtio-scsi-pci
virtio1: Rockstore:vm-1091-disk-1,cache=none,discard=on,iothread=1,serial=‘RS-Media2-Data-01’,size=1099511627776
virtio2: Rockstore:vm-1091-disk-2,cache=none,discard=on,iothread=1,size=1099511627776,serial='RS-Media2-Data-02’
virtio3: Rockstore:vm-1091-disk-3,cache=none,discard=on,iothread=1,size=1099511627776,serial='RS-Media2-Data-03’
virtio4: Rockstore:vm-1091-disk-4,cache=none,discard=on,iothread=1,size=1099511627776,serial=‘RS-Media2-Data-04’

Should you start your VM you will encounter the following error duriing your install process:

“specified nonexistent disk sda in ignored disk command”

Stop your VM and proceed with

Step 4: open your vmid.conf again.

virtio0: ceph_P23_R3:vm-1091-disk-1,cache=none,discard=on,serial=‘RS-Media1-OS-01’,size=4294967296


scsi0: ceph_P23_R3:vm-1091-disk-1,cache=none,discard=on,serial=‘RS-Media1-OS-01’,size=4294967296

Now go into your Gui in Proxmox under “Datacenter > Your Node > Your VMID > Options” the Bootorder from "Disk virtio0 to "Disk scsi0.

Step 5: Start your VM and install the Rockstor-System onto your SCSI-Based OS-Drive as you normally would. Once done, log into your Rockstor Gui like you normally do and verify that you can see your ‘data’ vDisks and their unique serial Numbers under “Storage > Disks”

Step 6: Shutdown your Rockstor VM. edit your vmID.conf again. change

scsi0: ceph_P23_R3:vm-1091-disk-1,cache=none,discard=on,serial=‘RS-Media1-OS-01’,size=4294967296

back to

virtio0: ceph_P23_R3:vm-1091-disk-1,cache=none,discard=on,serial=‘RS-Media1-OS-01’,size=4294967296

Then change in Proxmox under “Datacenter > Your Node > Your VMID > Options” the Bootorder from “Disk ‘scsi0’” to “Disk ‘virtio0’”.
Now start your Vm again and you are running a virtio based Virtual Rockstor Instance, with all the advantages this entails.


@wolf.f -> Tricky Version or “Let’s make fun of Rockstor installer :smiling_imp:

Create your Virtio disks, follow the “serial number” post and create a “Fake Sata” disk (I’ve done a 2 GB disk): system will boot without errors (as it detects a sata disk) and you’ll be able to procede with installation, just remember to select destination and mark your Virtio HD instead of Sata HD :smile:

Finally shutdown Rockstor, delete the Sata disk and restart VM.