Virtual Machine test build

Hello all, I’m not sure if this should go in User Stories or Troubleshooting, but anyway…

I want to get more familar with RockStor as it matures so I figured I would install a VM with three 8GB drives. I started up VirtualBox and tagged a new system as RedHatx64 since Rockstor is based on CentOS. I gave it three 8GB SATA drives and then attached the 3.8-0.3 ISO to the CD and booted. I chose the timezone and hit go, provided a root pass and then waited.

After a bit it told me that it was done, and asked that I reboot. I did and noticed it went back to the “Install Rockstor” screen. I ejected the disk and rebooted again. This time it went further forst tossing a message at me Failed to access perfctr msr (MSR c0010004 is 0) (maybe nothing?). So after a bit the login prompt appeared and I happily went to the webgui.

Almost immediately there was a warning message about something regarding the disks. I wish I had saved it but I had seen another post about the same message, only in regards to disks being full. But how could mine be full, as I have just installed this?

Once I got past that, the webui was asking me to upgrade to 3.8-4, so I figured ok maybe this is why its asking me to upgrade because of the disk issue. I went to upgrade and once back at the login I soon got a message regarding me running an unsupported kernel 4.0.2 and if you reboot it will revert to the 4.1.0-1 kernel. huh.

Well I did reboot and was back then on a 4.0.1 kernel but the harddrive messages still were showing, and the storage part of the dashboard had no drives attached. I SSH’ed in did a btrfs filesysem show and it reported back that it could not see the three drives.

At this point I gave up, wiped this VM and restarted. Thjis time I entered rockstor into the name, and noticed that it automatically gave me a profile of “Oracle 64” Instead of Redhat. Hmm could this bee the reason?

At any rate the disk issue has not resurfaced during this next install. I am half tempted to reinstall again using my original settings just to see if it was a fluke or what.

Once I reinstalled and upgraded the unsupported kernel error does reappear: You are running an unsupported kernel(4.0.2-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64). Some features may not work properly. Please reboot and the system will automatically boot using the supported kernel(4.1.0-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64).

Not too nerve wracking as the reboot will give me the “newer” kernel. Anyway I do have alot of playing to do while I learn with this new NAS :smile:


the message about the kernel should go away after some reboots (might need a few)

regarding the vm harddisks: maybe the internally used controller for providing the vm hdds to the vm is not correctly supported when using redhat as a “platform identfier” i dont know about virtual box but in vmware you can choose between 3 or 4 different controllers

regarding the

Failed to access perfctr msr (MSR c0010004 is 0)
this usually only says your host cpu doesnt support performance counters, which can be ignored

Ok thanks. Also when I did the RedHat build I gave it a 512 MB memory whereas the newer build has 2G memory. Perhaps that was it?

can you verify that quickly? would be interesting to know

well it wasn’t quickly but i did create two additional builds and neither one had the harddisk trouble that my first one did. I created a build with the redhat profile with 2G and it was fine, and another with the Oracle profile and 512MB and it was fine also. The only difference was the 512 MB build took alot slower to install and boot.

I guess it IS possible that the lower memory was the cause of my initial issue but I have not been able to prove it.

thanks for testing this, it might be either this or something with the update/kernel as the error was shown when on 4.0 if im correct.