VLAN Tagging / Virtual Interface Support

I would like to create multiple VLAN virtual interfaces on an underlying bond.

For example, bond0 is default VLAN 1 untagged.

I would then like to create tagged vlans 10 and 20 as bond0:10 bond0:20 etc on top of bond0.

This is rather standard in Linux, and is supported in OpenSuse, although only documented here for teams rather bonds… https://doc.opensuse.org/documentation/leap/reference/html/book-opensuse-reference/cha-network.html#sec-network-iface-teaming-vlan

Either way, there doesn’t appear to be any option to create this in the Web UI. Is there a plan to work on the networking, as this feature is most certainly required in the corporate environment. Otherwise, you end up having to use multiple network cards and switches, and then use access ports and PVIDs on the switches, which is expensive.

FYI my version is 4.0.6-0

@nigel Hello again.

This is a nice idea and entirely doable but no we don’t haven any direct plans for this feature. But our Web-UI uses network-manager under-the-hood so you may well be able to do the rest of your required config there after via nmcli for example. Not quite sure how the Web-UI will react to this so I’d keep your changes to a bare minimum if possible.

Pull requests, as always, are welcome; but with our ongoing move to openSUSE still very much in the throws and the pending release of Leap 15.3 we can’t currently tend to this somewhat under requested feature. Lets see if this forum post get some traction and if so it may be that we should put this feature/capability within the Web-UI for maybe our next major release after we have finalized our CentOS - ‘Built on openSUSE’ move and gotten our stable 4 out the door. We also have to re-do the main web page in Hugo to ease/encourage community contribution and translation but I digress.

Thanks for bring this up here on the forum. Hopefully we can use this post to gauge the community interest in this feature.

Hope that helps, and thanks for trialling our testing release of the new 4 variant.

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For anyone visiting, this change is really easy from the command line using nmcli (which also persists across reboots)…

nmcli con add type vlan ifname <new-logical-name> dev <existing-dev-or-bond> id <vlan-id> ip4 <ip-addr>/<subnet-mask> gw4 <gateway-ip>

I think this would be really easy to change on the network page to be able to add vlans to existing devices, just by having a new connection type of “vlan”, which would trigger the construction of the above command.

It also shows up fine in the Web-UI when configured and doesn’t seem to cause any issues.

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Thanks a lot for the details, @nigel .

Would you mind creating an issue in our GitHub repo with this information and linking back to this thread so that we can keep track of it?

Also, how does this look in the Networks page? Do you see anything broken at the moment or you simply can’t see it?

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@Flox It works absolutely great on the networks page…



Excellent !
Thanks a lot for the screenshot, information, and the very well described GitHub issue.

I’m glad to see it’s surfaced well in the UI already!

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