Warning dracut-initqueue timeout - starting timout scripts

Trying to install Rockstor-3.9.1 from a USB stick that I dd’ed with the iso I just downloaded from the website.

I get the message “warning dracut-initqueue timeout - starting timout scripts”.

so I googled that message and found this item:

I followed the instructions there and the installer started fiine.

Is the iso mis-labeled?

Thanks for any help!

The installation progressed as expected until it came to try to write the boot loader, where it failed. The installation device is an 8GB USB2.0 stick. The device it is installing to is a 64GB micro SD card.

FWIW, I did not have this problem installing Ubuntu the same way (USB stick -> uSD card)

Any suggestions?

@rbtfrog Hello again.

You issue is very likely related to our now ancient installer, inherited from an old version of CentOS, not coping with the slightly odd (back then) target of the micro SD card. Or in an additional thread you commented on, an nvme device. You might find it works just fine if you change out your target system drive.

Hopefully our newer ‘Built on openSUSE’ installer, once released, should help here. You could try our early adopters testing channel rpms approach, referenced again here for convenience. At least until we get our new installer ready for release.

I’ve noted your forum bio and you indicate a long standing linux knowledge so this approach should be relatively straight forward, as long as you read all the followup posts in the following thread and those it references:

All a bit in flux currently as we work towards a re-launch of sorts.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks! I’ll read the complete thread before I start asking questions!