Web Admin - Page Not Found

We have been running RockStor for a few days to test it as a possible backup NAS. It was working fine until last night when a backup to a RockStor SMB share failed. Since then, I cannot open the SMB shares and the web admin page states Page Not Found. I have restarted the VM several times, to no avail. The last line in the log states:

“OperationalError: FATAL: the database system is in recovery mode”

Any help would be appreciated.

I finally decided to reinstall the OS and start from scratch. I hope it doesn’t come back, though.


The community here probably had the same thought as me - " F&@#cked if I know, somebody else can handle it. "
It sounds likely that your PostgreSQL database was corrupted, though I cannot fathom why this would happen during a backup, and there’s little I can think of that would resolve it, aside from a re-initialization which from a usability standpoint is pretty well the same as reinstalling - you’d need to import your pools, reconfigure exports, rockons, users, groups, etc.