Web interface/Network issues after installation

I have installed Rockstor for the first time yesterday and i’m having some issues with the network config.

I have 6 NICs on the server. I created a bond with 4 NICs, and I use a 5th as the management interface.

  1. The web interface would not respond to the IP I set on the standalone mgmt NIC.
  2. I was able to connect to the IP of the bond however.
  3. I disabled the standalone NIC
  4. I accidentally disable the bond as well.
  5. I went to the CLI and restarted the 4 interfaces and the bond and I can ping the IP but the web interface is not responding.

Any idea how to fix this without reinstalling? Also, somehow, I am unable to access the internet to check for updates and Rock-Ons, even though I can reach the default gateway?!