Web page security

I am new to Linux and network attached storage. Please be gentile.

When I open my web browser and go to my rockstor location 192.168.1.— the page comes up and says “Not Secure Https://192.168.1.—/#home” with Not Secure in red and Https: with a red line through it.

I have bitdeffender security software on my home computers, not the NAS.
I am behind a router with the firewall actived.

Did I set up the Nas wrong ? Is my Nas unsecured to the WAN or is this message just about my home internal network ?

Hi @Steven_Tottenhoff

that is normal. It only indicates that your NAS has no valid (trusted) SSL certificate on it. If you are using your NAS only for home use its no problem. If you want to get rid of this you must install a valid certificate on it. But to explain here its a bit to much :slight_smile:

(for more background infos about certificates https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_key_certificate )

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I won’t worry about it then.

Thank you.