Web-UI Dark mode?

I like dark modes and Rockstor’s Web-UI is almost there, ie very dark banner and dark side bar so I’m hoping to garner opinion on if there is interest in moving the remainder of the Web-UI (the white background middle bit) over to a dark background also?

I don’t think we need a toggle just a whole sale change. I’m hoping, though I haven’t experimented at all, that we can ‘just tweak some CSS’; I know never that easy but it might be close enough. And if nothing else it may encourage folks that know more than me on such things to step up and make it so.

  • Dark mode: nice.
  • Don’t bother.

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I’m not intending for this to distract core developers as I’m pretty sure there are many on the forum who could take a swing at this, but I think it would be nice, and may play into our move to openSUSE (core developer focus) as a kind of new look, new distro type thing. Again, I’m afraid I don’t have much time for this myself so potentially cheeky to pop this up.

Your thoughts / more informed opinion / vote ?