Web UI doesn't start if network connected later

Hi all,

My machine running Rockstor is a Hp microserver G8, it has 2 network interfaces.
I connected only eno1 interface to the network to prevent 2-interfaces old problems (this because I was using 3.8.16-1 installer image).
Current Rockstor version is 3.8.16-13

Yesterday I simply forgot to turn on my network switch before turning on my rockstor machine.
After a while a noticed it and turned on the switch.
Then I was happily copying files to the Rockstor network share ( from windows explorer, but I couldn’t access the web UI.

So I checked the console.
Before login as root, message was:
Rockstor is succesfully installed.
You can access the web-ui by pointing your browser to (not true)

After login as root:
“systemctl status rockstor” -> dependency failed
"systemctl status rockstor-pre" -> dependency failed with:

Traceback (most recent call last):
_ File “opt/rockstor/bin/initrock”, line 45, in _
_ sys.exit(scripts.initrock.main())_
_ File “/otp/rockstor/src/rockstor/scripts/initrock.py”, line 465, in main_
_ raise e_
_ Exception: default interface IP not yet configured_

After logout message was:
The system does not have an ip address.
Rockstor cannot be configured using the web interface without this.

This was not true, because while doing this check I was network-copying files in background

I think starting rockstor service should not be a startup-once-only task, but should be retried every N minutes in case of (some kind of) failures

After a reboot with the switch turned on, all went smooth