Web UI internal error

hi guys
my production machine has a big problem, it has a raid5 for data of all the firm :frowning:

during a snapshot of root filesystem, (i want to share it to put on usb…but …trackkk!) the NAS had a problem, then in the webUI i can see just internal error, and the system shell is not working , i cant right now connect by ssh ,because i have not configured properly yet, i downloaded the error log .tgz and send to the support, but after 4 days no reply, can somebody help me. ?
this is the content of rockstor/opt/rockstor.log https://arin.ga/BI0sxM , then rockstor2.log https://arin.ga/qETo1M , then rockstor3.log https://arin.ga/7VqZsB , then supervisord.log https://arin.ga/UoBkJ8 , here is supervisord.data.collector-stderr https://arin.ga/p4FJHx , then a lot of stderror.log by 0 byte and ztaskd https://arin.ga/i2sAJe …ps. i have also rockstor1.log …but its 500+MB …i cant paste somewhere. please let me know how i can repair ? rebootstrappping ? rm .initrock and run it again , …can i can do?
thanks in andavnce .
this is a screenshoot of the webUI https://i.imgur.com/NPM3qLj.png
Simone from italy