WebLogin into running RockOn

Hi all,

I got a qnap 251+ and decided to dump the qnap system and replace with with RockStor :slight_smile: Now that I am starting to get my feet wet I found found that qnap did have one neat feature. In the webui of the running containers there was a button that allowed to open a shell in the running container. It opened a terminal as a website tab in the running browser. I can duplicate this by running e.g. “docker exec syncthing bash” in the root shell of the rockstor box, but it would be a really neat feature for the the web ui.


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Hi @seethap and welcome to Rockstor! :vulcan:

About your request for a shell inside webui:
already done a shell access over Rockstor testing channel, available on Rockstor stable by next stable release :wink:

Direct access to rock-ons console? not a bad idea