WebUI 'connection refused' at FirstBoot after Install


I was able to successfully install RockStor to a KVM in ProxmoxVE after changing the base-OS’ disk type to SATA- using VirtIO caused the installer to fail, but that’s another issue.

In this case, the box booted, & had a working network, but I was unable to load the WebUI until after I did ‘systemctl restart rockstor’. Then I went to 'https://IP, & it loaded fine.

I don’t know if this will be a recurring issue after every boot, will update this thread once I go through a few boots if the issue remains.

It’s normal for first boot to take a while, especially on a vm. Before the rockstor service is started, rockstor-pre must finish activating and it could take a while on the first boot. You can check the status with systemctl status -l rockstor-pre. If it’s still activating, wait until it’s shows “active” and rockstor service should promptly follow and that starts instantly.

Yeah- it appears that I was just not patient enough. Subsequent restarts allow me to reach the UI without restarting the service- just after maybe 5 minutes though. False alarm, no bug. ty