What is Bootstrapping Rockstor?

In service tab,I see the Bootstrap.but i do not know what is the purpose of this service?

Hi @catman,

The bootstrapping service is a critical part of Rockstor start sequence but rather than trying to describe it myself, I’ll direct you towards a recent post by @phillxnet who describes what the bootstrap service does:

In particular, see the most relevant excerpt below:

Followed finally by rockstor-bootstrap which kicks off the mount stuff essentially by running: /opt/rockstor/bin/bootstrap which setups up the env to run /opt/rockstor/src/rockstor/scripts/bootstrap.py which in turn mainly does some basic btrfs prep, some rockstor network setup (which uses nmcli under the hood) and to your request finally does an API call on commands/bootstrap, hence the services name.

Hope this helps,

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