What is Rockstor? Is it like unRAID?

Hello guys!

I’m thinking about doing a unRAID machine, but unRAID costs money, so I wanted to find a free alternative, and I found Rockstor.

I wanted to use unRAID because of the VM feature. Can I do that on Rockstor? How can I start?

galaxxy :slight_smile:

@galaxxyafonso, welcome to the Rockstor forums.
The VM feature is not embedded in Rockstor (yet, at least). However, there has been at least one documented how-to on how you can get that to work with a little tinkering:

To install Rockstor you can look at the documentation, which should give you a straightforward of installing it. Note: Rockstor only considers the btrfs as file storage system (unlike unRAID which recommends to use btrfs only for its cache-pools if I remember correctly), so any previously used drives with other fs on it, need to be prepared.

If you do end up liking and staying with Rockstor, still consider to pay for a license at some point to support the very small development team’s efforts.

Good luck!


@galaxxyafonso welcome here :slight_smile:
As ever what @Hooverdan says is pretty solid.
However, I went a different way and installed Proxmox as my base system, and have Rockstor and a couple of other VMs running on my little home server. It is rock solid, no performance degradation, and it’s gonna stay.

EDIT: Yes if you do stay with Rockstor I would recommend the small annual license fee for the stable releases, and to enable this absolutely brilliant dev team to continue with such a remarkably solid NAS solution.
The community here is second to none. Do you have good backups? (@Hooverdan will appreciate that one :slight_smile: )


@GeoffA believe me, I do :grinning:

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