What is the logic of Rockstor if there are no scheduled snapshots?

I was wondering what is the logic of Rockstor when it comes to snapshots if there is no scheduled snapshots/tasks in place?
It seems as a kind of standard Rockstor performs (irregular?) snapshots for the “rockstor ons root” share, see below

126 snapshots are listed back - any need to define a task in deleting them after x month?

My NAS is used only for private usage, but I guess I should define a scheduled snapshot for my “main share” (1TB of data) or?
If so, any recommendation how often this task should run? data being accessed and modified irregular, 1-3 times a day.

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Hi @glenngould Roland,
if you check around forum threads you’ll find something related to those snapshots:
when you create a Rock-on (docker image), docker itself creates some snapshots during Rock-on/docker image installation process, so nothing Rockstor related :slight_smile:
Don’t delete them


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@Flyer thx. I’ve looked already for some information here on the forum and also on the Rockstor Doc…I’ll continue to see if there is anything that applies for my situation. With some luck other users share their views and complete so the picture :slight_smile:


Im getting closer to coming back to rockstor, Btrfs it getting closer to meet my needs.

however this question caught my attention with regards to this bug on the mailinglist:


It states that BTRFS will have issues with too many snapshots, i.e. over 100+ snapshots is not recommended. How are one able to keep Docker in check for this error over time?

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