When editing user, name and UID merge. Unable to save

Fresh install. Created user. I go to edit the user (change password) and it won’t allow me to save. User name and UID seem to have merged onto one field.

I did nothing outside of the user interface to create this user. It was all done on the firstboot as this user is my admin user.

HI @gokev , this is a well known issue, don’t know if someone already working on this (@suman or @phillxnet), if not going to check it asap

Please note actually useruid is just a layout problem and i’m able to save user modified data


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@Flyer I at least am not currently looking into this from the display quirk or Submit issue point of view. But is the name/UID not displayed as intended ie name then UID; would be better if the UID was in brackets like the label suggests, or just space separate both the label and selector.

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Issue created on Github, one line code added, pull request ready to merge :wink: