Where is the rockon metastore? /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore

I have returned to Rockstor after 3 years because the openSuze 15.2 will install on my AsRock 3700 in UEFI mode which the ancient Centos base would not.

So Im messing about with the rockons and even got owncloudHTTPS going although with the wrong store area. I have found the UID numbered shares which with care can be edited directly to alter the rockon container.

Hoever I cannot find the metastore of json definition files at all.

Some more in depth explanation of this and a pointer to identification of the container shares might be nice.

If one is referring to a share in the filesystem as a hard coded location, how does one do it. Whats the syntax? I can see the /mnt2/foobar locations but that doesn’t look quite kosher.

Welcome back, @tazzydemon!

I’ll see if I can help you there. I’m unfortunately a little unsure about what you mean exactly with that. Would you mind providing a little more detail in case what is below doesn’t help?

For an explanation of the rockons-metastore and how it is used and implemented, I would refer you to the following wiki post and its section on the rockons-metastore:

As I’d rather not waste both of our time going into details on something for which you were not asking, don’t hesitate to let me know if I’m on the right or wrong track, and provide some information on what you would like to achieve.
Very briefly:

  • you can find all shares created from the webUI mounted at /mnt2/<share-name>.
  • the docker container layers, as pulled by Docker, are stored as btrfs subvolumes inside the share you used as rockons_root at the configuration of the Rock-on service. Be very careful if you’re trying to alter these as they will most likely cause issues with proper functioning of your rock-ons.

That would depend on the situation as well:

Hope this helps,

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That was exactly what I wanted, thanks!
However, one problem still remains. I cant find the rockons-metastore directory anywhere.

Glad it helped!

That’s normal as it doesn’t exist by default and one has to create it. The reason is that this folder is meant for users creating their own rock-ons json, or testing new ones. See the doc below:

In particular:

  1. Upload the file to /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore/[app].json. Hit update in the Web-UI and install your brand new Rock-On!

As a result, if you need to, simply create the folder and then place your json in it.

mkdir -p /opt/rockstor/rockons-metastore


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Have you any idea how long Ive been looking for that and seeing the filsystem loop warnings that Rockstor has created when using find / -name rockons-metastore

Makes sense now!!!