Where to download iso for installing OpenSUSI

Is there a .iso I can download for the OpenSUSI base installer?

Thanks for any help!

@rbtfrog Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Not as yet. Our ‘Built on openSUSE’ variant is still approaching feature parity with our current Stable offering based on CentOS, but we are nearly there. And once we are, or near enough, we will be releasing a new installer based on the rpm we are currently developing using Leap15.x. See the following thread as a starting point for how to get going so far based on using a generic Leap15.1 install with a few appropriate tweaks:

We do have a working non public alpha installer in the works but have yet to reach the stage where we can approach the openSUSE group to ensure we aren’t infringing on their ‘marks’ (Trade marks) prior to our public release of this installer. There after we should be good to embark on our re-launch of Rockstor’s next major version ‘Built on openSUSE’.

So for now we only have the testing channel rpm releases for Leap15.x and Tumbleweed. Where the Leap variants are our focus for the feature parity re-launch effort. And our Stable Channel offering is only available on our CentOS base.

Hope that helps.