Will breaking/recreating the Active Directory connection break all the SMB Shares and Permissions?

Our original Rockstor install is 3.9.2-57 and for several months we’ve had a problem where it is not synchronizing with our Windows 2012 R2 Active Directory.

If I add users to AD or create new AD Groups then the changes don’t appear in Rockstor so I can’t set the permissions on the shares.

I’ve just set up a new v4 install of Rockstor as a test and it connects to my AD just fine.

So, if I break and recreate the Active Directory connection, will it break the config for all of my current SMBShares and Permissions?

Many thanks for your help!

@MRC-MBU Hello again.

I’m afraid I’m no expert on AD. @Flox did our more recent re-do of AD compatibility / instantiation and Samba intergration.

Glad to here v4 is working thus far though. It’s using the far more modern sssd arrangement.

Sorry to not be of more use on this one.