Will Fibre Channel be supported?

Basically what the title says. I’m looking to stand up my lab and use Fibre Channel for communications between hosts. And regular AFP shares as a Time Machine share. Will there be or is there any way to do this currently? I’ve stood Rockstor up as a VM just to tinker with and I rather like it, it seems easy enough to use, and it’s easy to report information out of. Thanks!

I’m no fiber channel expert, but for my curiosity:

Isnt fiber channel just an expensive but very fast network controller.

If so, if centos supports your card, it should work. I cant think of anything specific for Rockstor that had tot be supported. Or doesnt fibrechannel use a standard device like eth0 ?

What would really be interesting is what kind of throughput and latency would one achieve with rockstor compared to other distros and commercial offerings .

What would be your alternative?

Good luck with your project.

From what I understand, typically FC talks over SCSI, also in Rockstor there isn’t a place to configure WWNs to LUNS. I’ve only really used FC once or twice but have acquired all the hardware I need to make it run. It’s actually super affordable on ebay. So my guess is there would have to be a way to separate traffic going out eth0, and traffic going out one of the HBAs. From what I’ve read this is possible with FreeNAS, and that was my original plan, but saw this project and wanted to try it out. Also inifinband support would be interesting, I’ve got even less of an understanding of that, but again you can do host to host 10G for about $100 USD.

Currently there are no plans to add support for FC in Rockstor. Please feel free to create an issue on github. Having said that, you can probably follow rhel7 documentation like this one to easily configure it from the command line.

Same applies to infiniband and it seems someone else in the community already set it up. more info in this post.