Yum cron produces an error on Updateinfo file

since this morning the cron jobs “cron.daily” and “cron.hourly” are sending an error message:

Updateinfo file is not valid XML: <open file ‘/var/cache/yum/x86_64/$releasever/epel/92f2e15cad66d79ea1ad327e2af7af89d98e4d153d7a3e27ff41946f476af5b4-updateinfo.xml.zck’, mode ‘rt’ at 0x7ff39f43e660>

How can I fix this? And what does it mean?


Hi @upapi_rockstor,

I, too, am receiving the same error but it is my understanding that it is due to an issue on the elrepo repository server. As a result, it should resolve “itself” as soon as they fix what caused this issue.

I am seeing this error too.

I was afraid that it was related to me replacing the motherboard (and CPU & RAM) in the Rockstor box yesterday.

But this thread confirms that its a problem on the repo end, so it will probably be fixed soon.