ZoneMinder Rock-on

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We have 1.29 and the program will annoy you about 1.30 but I don’t have the build tested and the maintainer of the github repo hasn’t updated to 1.30 yet. The good news is that if you follow the suggestions you can use most of the new features already and the 1.29 version actually works well. I will update to 1.30 once that is stable and tested.

Rockon update to v1.30 would be really cool :slight_smile:

Agreed, however that repo still uses 1.29. So I either make a homegrown one off my name or I wait. I’ve been checking and once the base repo is updated I will update the rockon. If we get to 1.31 I will definitely rewrite though!

So I searched other projects and wonder if something is preventing 1.30? All look stale. I may have to rewrite this myself which may be a few weeks. I’ll keep you posted for sure. I know there are packages for the install that may be best (so using a bigger OS on docker and running the package, if we use a lighter OS the app needs to be built and the slowness of restarts often doesn’t outweigh the smaller docker container for these use cases). Anyway, I won’t forget but it might take a little bit. I’m not sure if that maintainer is going to update his code or not.

hello, i have zoneminder 1.30.04 working on a dedicated home server and tested a functions and camera within the rockon and seem to be working fine. now my question: would it be possible somehow to import at least the camera setup from the existing server to the rockon one? i have migrated a previous installation to another hdd in the past (never mind the current data, too much bother) working with phpmyadmin and tables content with dump in .csv but don’t think this would be possible under rockstor. apologies if i am missing something but not really an expert on db. any suggestion would be much appreciated.

I’m honestly not sure but you should be able to do this by going into the container or copying the data into the persistent volume. I’m just not that familiar with zoneminder enough to know the details.

Do you know how to do this for two installs of zoneminder and just can’t figure out how to do the container one (in terms of moving data)?

It also could be the case this isn’t entirely possible but since the data is in the DB, I can’t imagine why not.
Can the DB be imported as a backup/restore?

hello, thanks for your reply. i’ve opened the zm sql folder and there it was the data but while on a standard zm installation i would find a .sql file, in rs there were dozens of files, each one i believe was part of a table on the mysql database. it may just be matter of getting those files into a .sql one but have no idea how that works. i’ll give it a go and happy to refer back here.


just tried the “easy” way, so copied some .frm and .ibd files relative to monitors, zones and did not work, it actually broke the zm rockon (no probs as i’m just testing on a spare machine). as you may know, you don’t play copy and paste on a mysql db!!!

not going to be much of a bother as only have 2 iptv cameras and can just “clone” it from one machine to the other but would have been great if at least could have those two tables done.