10G NIC (ASUS XG-C100C) compatibility

Am looking at purchasing the ASUS XG-C100C (https://www.amazon.com/XG-C100C-Network-Adapter-Single-RJ-45/dp/B072N84DG6), but before I purchased wanted to see if anyone here has tried this NIC yet.

If not this, does anyone here have experience with other 10G NICs? The ASUS one seems pretty cheap ($99), so that is why I was looking at it.

yes, it does support, just need to build and install the driver manually…im using Qnap QXG-10G1T and they both have the same chip (aquantia AQC107)…got it working on my machine

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hi sir , i would like to know how to build and install the driver manually

patrice, canada

I added some suggestions in your other post:

why it’s so complicated… i installed opensuse 15.2 but nothing about rockstor only normal os. can you share how to install (where to find the download) why to keep it like a big secret … make it simple for normal or new user

patrice ,montreal, canada

@mrbuzz_Patrice. as you can see from @phillxnet’s postings on the forum, the transition to OpenSUSE is not quite complete yet, as the current versions are all release candidates/for beta testing towards the final image that will allow you to install the 4.x version of Rockstor and mark the transition from a CentOS based solution to OpenSUSE.
Since the testing requires some more advanced technical knowledge and the development team is very small, creating interim rpms at this time is probably too time intense, since nobody is a full-time developer on this distribution.
So, I’m asking for some more patience, until the function parity is achieved and the team can finally roll out an “installable” release.

To follow up, when you installed just LEAP15.2 were you able to make use of the 10G NIC you mentioned in your post title?


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thanks a lot sir, i will wait for the new os rockstor

I use two Intel EXPX9501AFXSR NICs for my NAS & Backup setups and they work fine. They spec a PCIe-2.0 X8 slot though they run PCIe 1.0.speed. ($55-$90 used on ebay) On my new WS setup, I use the TP-Link 10GB PCIe Network Card (TX401)-PCIe CAT6A ($100)

I hook up with a Qnap QSW-308S-US switch that has 3 SFP+ 10Gbps slots ( I use 2 Fiber and 1 CAT6A copper GTek modules) and eight 1Gbps RJ45 slots. ($150 on Newegg)


PS: No issues with drivers! Rockstor 3.9 and 4.1 releases.recognized both the Intel & TP-Link NICs!


Any more info on this being supported? I just installed 15.3 on a clean system (not an upgrade) and it does not recognize the ASUS XG-C100C NIC (the NIC does show up in the bios boot menu). I’ve looked through the posts about building the driver but the commands to check and build are not even present in OpenSUSE Leap (5.3.18-59.40-default - Stable release) so doesn’t seem to be an option.

@gigno, welcome to Rockstor. You could probably install the kernel development tools:

zypper install kernel-develop and if make is not available after that, then that as well with

zypper install make

I obviously don’t have the card, but it seems to compile ok on my VM, if you run into issues you might have to look at this link (granted it’s for 15.1, but as long as it’s not Tumbleweed, the troubleshooting might help if you run into issues):

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