2/26/22: Journey to RockNAS and RockNASBU: 2015 to 2022 to?

I plan to document the entire experience in building my personal home NAS setup… but for now, RockNAS Ver-1 is done. Specs will follow after a while.



Fractal R5 case, no window, solid side panels.

I’m buttoning it up and cleaning up the finger prints etc.

(Tons more to follow)

**2/26/22: RockNASBU completed!

This is the first case I used until I discovered that I had 11TB of data to save! I thought 8TB of Raid-10 (4 HDDs) would be enough. Such is life, it is now the holder of 1 backup of the RockNAS setup…



“RockNAS” and “RockNASBU” sitting and running! side by side… and boy are they heavy!



@Tex1954 Nice

Even has a badge :slight_smile: .

Well done.

Nice job… and the cabling. Mine is more like spaghetti :slight_smile:

Supermicro is known for weird setups, like the ATX power connector is on top instead of the side… also the picture of the X9SAE-V board shows a USB3 connector in one spot but is actually oriented 90 degrees differently AND it seems they put a capacitor so close to it that they couldn’t use a shelled connector! It is only pins sticking out of the board and makes it really easy to fall off… and other things.

Note: Pulled a shell off an old board and it fits rubbing against the cap! Better than nothing!

BUT, their motherboards are rock solid for the most part, have IPMI built in ( not used by me) and are robust in terms of longevity and proper predictable operation.

And, one can forgive some cable messes due to the extra SATA-3 boards necessary to operate a NAS of up to 15 drives (13 currently in my setup). Mine has two slots open for 3.5" drives already wired ready to drop in at any time.


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Okay, the main NAS and NAS Backup setups are done!

Time to start on new workstation…