3.9.1 not visible as an update

I’m on the testing channel.
When I look at the Software Update page, I am told…

"System is running the latest Rockstor version: 3.9.0-16"

Is this right? Should 3.9.1 appear here?

Cannot this release be installed using the Software Update mechanism?

Cheers Andy

@ajk Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Yes, and no; respectively. Essentially 3.9.0-16 (testing channel release) is 3.9.1 (stable channel release).
So the message is correct for the time being, until that is changes are released on the testing channel: where upon they should appear to testing channel subscribers and carry a number greater than the current stable channel release.

Hope that helps.

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@phillxnet Thanks - I was a bit worried I was going to have to beg/borrow/steal an old VGA monitor from somewhere to do the update using the ISO. I am right in thinking you still don’t support ‘headless’ installation? That is, if I did need to update using a ISO, I would need to connect up a physical monitor/keyboard (not to mention digging into a cupboard to dig the server out from its dark cool corner!).
Sounds a bit odd to me to have two identically configured releases labelled differently. The release is not mentioned in the Dev log for 3.9.1 which finishes with 3.9.0-15 - perhaps it should have been announced there (with whatever was different from 3.9.0-15 if anything).
Cheers Andy

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@ajk Agreed, we are indeed missing the final 3.9.0-16 release announcement post in the Dev log for 3.9.1 Dev log for 3.9.1 thread and that has probably led in part to this mis-communication.

Hopefully this can be resolved shortly however. @suman will have to confirm this but I believe the only changes from 3.9.0-15 to 3.9.0-16 (or it’s 3.9.1 stable channel counterpart) was the following pr from me:

Thanks for bringing this up as it seems to have slipped by without notice, what with the big 3.9.1 stable release (finally) and all. Attribution was made in the 3.9.1 release blog post pertaining to the above change but yes it was missed in the testing channel reports.

Maybe going forward we can announce the testing channel version that is to be promoted to the stable channel, I think that is all we are missing here. Previously it was always the last one but yes it seems 3.9.0-16 was overlooked this time.

Apologies and hopefully we can get these communications a little more refined going forward.

As per headless installation: wouldn’t that require bios support for remote console and keyboard via network? I.e akin to Intel’s Remote management (RMM) / Active Management (AMT) stuff?

You should be able to use ‘kickstart’ to install the system. Kickstart also supports upgrades. I don’t know if there is any advice that might be supplied in the Rockstor documentation for such an install. However, if all upgrades should be installable from the running system then that would be a low priority.
Rockstor documentation hedges its bets a bit about when if ever you might provide a release that needed physical installation media.“While we roll-out major releases that require complete OS install, we try to make these releases as infrequent as possible. We strive to make most updates non-disruptive.” Not sure if this is just an insurance policy, or if there are some potential changes you know of that would require a “complete OS install”. Not sure what such a thing implies either - configuration, rockons etc disappear? I expect we’ll get to know if you release such an update :thinking: