About stable release of v5.0+ on Leap 15.5


As v5.0+ reached RC3 state, is there any plan to release same on Leap 15.5?
If so, can you share tentative date for same?
Meanwhile, could you also share how try v5.0+ RC3 on Leap 15.5?


@raju_ga153 Hello again.


We have been releasing testing rpms for Leap 15.5 since it was in beta, as we are now doing for Leap 15.6 the day after it was released as beta:

What we are behind in however is pre-build installers available for download. We are working on this but we are a small team all-in. I and @Flox & @Hooverdan did some a push towards getting a newer installer out; based on our current RC rpms from the testing channel, but some issues were found. However they have all now been resolved. So what is now missing is more community involvement in testing the recently added 15.5 profile in our installer builder profile.

I’ve already started on this and was preparing for new installers to be available on the Website against this ongoing pull request:

But ran into some issues. But again I think these have been resolved. However there are many moving parts as always and we have some pending changed from @Hooverdan that I’d like to incorporate into our next installer vai:

I.e. moving to the long awaited 10 version of kiwi-ng. But that involves more changes to our profile and instructions. So community testing on our installer builder config is the missing part here. The vast majority of folks use only the pre-build installers - which are currently hand-prepared. We have yet to properly automate a refresh of our installer. Meaning that only @Flox and myself can create and push new installers. However that is a big job give our various official profiles: i.e. many Leap versions and three machine targets. Hence more community testing of our available profiles and such things as if the V10 kiwi-ng fixes such things as have again recently emerged again in our UEFI booting for example, see @wdc & @Hooverdan 's recent forum feedback:

I’m personally hoping we can gain a 15.6 profile give everything, except sufficient community involvement in the installer development, is now in place for that: including the now indicated publishing of testing channel rpms.

So in short we need more assistance on testing/tweaking/providing installer profiles and to get us to the V10 version of Kiwi-ng so that we can jump start our installers into being modern again.

Hope that helps, at least for some context. Again, instructions on build ones own installers (all pending upstream updates already installed) are in the above repo’s README.md and feedback on success and or fixes is as always the nature of our community lead endeavour. My current focus is on getting 5.0.9-0 (RC4) out into testing. I may then have some time to look to @Hooverdan’s recent pull request and getting us moved over to Kiwi-ng V10: which will involve also some back-end development work so that our at least semi automated installer builders (but not testers) can also be updated to use Kiwi-NG V10. Lots of moving parts but not so many folks testing our newer 15.5 installer profiles across the board re V10 I’m afraid. Note there has been no feedback on @Hooverdan’s proposed PR re V10 Kiwi-ng.


Do you know if the latest kernel includes support for the Nuvoton NCC6687D (e.g., nct6687d-debian/README.md at main · hzyitc/nct6687d-debian · GitHub among others)? I don’t see it at kernel.org so perhaps not.
I’m on an MSI motherboard using that chip; the only restriction is that I can’t get CPU temp & fan speeds. Not a showstopper. (P.S., I’m on Rockstor 4.6.1-0/kernel 15.4 which does not include the module.)

if you check out this repository, there is some mention on how you can build this on openSUSE and then install:

supposedly this was added to the 5.11 kernel, but then I found threads on that it’s not working right, etc. so not sure where that stands now.

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