Any ideas on the translations?

I am wondering if Rockstor is planning for adding multi language support for those non-English native speakers like me.
Almost every other open source NAS systems have multi language support like Freenas, OpenMediaVault, Nas4Free, etc.


Thanks for point this out @jimhu. It would indeed be very nice and pretty soon may even become necessary.

We are paying off some tech debt right now converting the frontend templates. That is a must before we can setup guidelines for translations. After that, there’s going to be a frontend translations and backend translations required. The backend stuff is pretty straight forward with Django, but I haven’t looked into how best to approach the whole issue.

Some one else in the community may beat me to it, which would be really nice. If there’s anyone out there with willing to dabble in code to setup Rockstor for translators to come and contribute translations, please come forward!

Please let me know if you guys are ready and need volunteers to do the translation. I’m Chinese.


You could set up your own translation collaboration server, but that would cost time and effort to maintain.

after some searching i came across Crowdin.

It seems to be free (as in no money) for free software projects.

Must say i’m impressed looking at their features and demo.

Care to take a look and see what it would take to integrate this into Rockstor?

Just chipping in with another suggestion though I’m afraid it’s entirely un-curated on my part and I know little of adding translation systems other than the one included by default in android dev.
This one came from looking into Discourse the other day, they use ie at Discourse’s Transifex page.
Again doesn’t appear to be open source which would be preferred.

But from their FAQ we have:-
We’re proud to offer Transifex free to open source projects. An open source project is one licensed under an OSI-approved license, such as GPL or BSD, with publicly available source code.

For example, your project might be hosted on GitHub and have a LICENSE file stating that it’s released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

For projects marked as open source in Transifex, we request a link to your repository to verify its license. There needs to be clear legal text showing the license type of the material.

They also seem to have intergration tools for Python, Django, Github, Jenkins, Sphinx etc.

Sorry might be a bad suggestion but just throwing it in for consideration given Jenkins’s use of it.

Just referencing the open issue we have on this so we can tie together ideas / offers of help.

I would, without knowing the size of the task, offer to help with a danish translation.

But there has to be an easy method for doing this.

I would not like to have to edit big config files.

Danish translation / dansk oversættelse :slightly_smiling:

Jeg ville, uden at kende omfanget af opgaven, tilbyde at hjælpe med oversættelsen til dansk.

Men der skal være en nem metode til at gøre det.

Jeg vil nødigt skulle igang med at redigere store konfigurationsfiler.


Hi. As soon as possible I could begin translating the user interface into Russian.

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Hi all, spanish/castillian translator ready to help as soon as you set up some environment to do it. Good job!!!