ARM architecture

Looking at some recent SBCs, they seem like they could make a pretty nice little NAS system, but the Rockstor docs list only 64-bit Intel/AMD x86 CPU as supported/required. It’d be great to see official support for ARM too.

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@polarathene Just waking this up in case anyone missed it that wanted to weigh in on if this would be a popular target. We are still in the midst of backend overhaul but once we are ready again to roll another iso I’d be interested in the interest level for an ARM variant.

Won’t be for a while but with our openSUSE move pending, and it’s associated iso release; along with the fact that openSUSE have supported ARM for a very long time, and I think SUSE were the first enterprise linux to offer an ARM variant, I’m hoping we could squeeze in an initially ‘unofficial’ ARM image while we were at it. Haven’t any ARM gear myself but if there was sufficient interest then I would be happy to try and acquire some. Ideally we need to stick to ARM SBC’s that have ‘real’ sata, ie not via USB. My current favourite is the RockPro64 which can take a regular PCI card and the one they sell is based on the same chip as several I have here with some years on them with Rockstor without any issues: but that is with intel of course. Also they have a metal NAS orientated case (but only 2 disks unfortunately): NAS case. It may be that Rockstor would make for a welcome addition to that community. I see they already link to OpenMediaVault in their “Partner Projects” so that would bode well given we are in the same arena of self build NAS software.

Anyone please post if you have any interest in this area. I do have a tone of backlog but interested as always planning for the future.

I for one think that if the opensuse distros support it essentially out of the box, it would be great. I will eventually move on from my intel dn2800mt and the more choices the better. ie. whatever i find lying around the trash at work