[BETA] Unknown internal error doing a POST to /api/email/check-smtp-auth

Brief description of the problem

When setting up e-mail alerts I got some problem doing “Test current SMTP”. If I skip the test and just save my settings and do a test mail after it will not work.

Detailed step by step instructions to reproduce the problem

Trying this for the second time in two diffrent web browsers.
I have also played with the settings like diffrent SMTP ports like 465 and 587.

Web-UI screenshot

Error Traceback provided on the Web-UI

No error codes

@Roysen Hello again and thanks for the report.

That’s a strange one and we would need the system log (journalctl) and the rockstor.log contents at around the time of the error to know more about what may have gone wrong on that one. Interesting that it then works as expected there after. From memory I believe the two mechanisms are a little different so this is not necessarily a 4 only bug and may be down to your particular provider. Again the log entries at the time would be good if that is possible.

Thanks again for the report and testing.

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@phillxnet Thank you for the replay. When tryied to reproduce the error again it suddenly worked perfect this time. Even the test mail arrived to my account. I did not remember the time for my last attempt so getting the log from that time is a little hard.
I guess we will have to call this topic solved.

@Roysen Thanks for the update. How strange that it then worked ok later.

But now we have this report we can see if others find it and are able to add to it’s reproducability. The intermittent or ‘strange’ bugs are always a challenge but it’s good to have any feedback we can so thanks again for the report and follow up.

Keep us posted on any future follow up and any more bug reports would be most welcome. Fresh threads for each report makes for easier follow up. I think we are getting there now on the major 4 version but I suspect we have a straggler or two as yet unreported.

Cheers, and I’m glad your experience is improving; if only in an unexplained manner as of yet :slight_smile: .