Cannot access Web UI. Box is pingable

Hey guys, I believe I’ve done everything with little tutorial help, but done it none the less. I’ve tried to install a Rock-on, I think it was called OwnCloud something or other. It failed twice saying it was not able to install. The second time, however, whenever I tried to go to to a different part of the Web UI, I would get an “internal error”. When I tried to get back in with my IP it gives me the google chrome error: err_connection_refused. My firewall is fine, my server is UP, I don’t know what could go wrong.

Maybe there is a firewall setting that’s not configured correctly, I don’t know.

Thanks guys in advance I really appreciate you.

Just wondering if your error is similar to this thread? You can try restarting the rockstor service with systemctl restart rockstor

Clear the cache and cookies of the browser and Restart it. Also, Take a look at this guide for detailed solution: