Can't activate after upgrade to 4.1.0

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Brief description of the problem

As the newest available 4.x ISO failed to install on my HP Gen10 Microserver. I had to manually install Leaf 15.3 and install the rockstor 4.1 rpm to have a working system , my data is now imported. Hopefully the config will restore.

Detailed step by step instructions to reproduce the problem

When you login to the main dashboard, you get a prompted to select an update channel.

Steps to fix.
Logged into appman - edited my ID from uppercase (CentOS) to lowercase (Leap 15.3) the ID has remained the same bar the chase change.

It still won’t activate and I don’t have an activation code for my current subscription. As the renewal email failed (Phil kindly sorted this for me at the time)

Would it be possible to email me my current activation code.


@Bazza Hello again, and welcome back.

Good news so far.

Yes that is required for some of our older CentOS subscribers.

Yes, we had early email issues but that should all be sorted now.

PM me here on the forum with your details, i.e. order numbers and the order Appliance ID and current Appliance ID and I’ll get this one sorted out. If it’s not too long ago I should still have your original activation code. If not I’ll reset and resend (this capability is currently missing in Appman).

Lets move this to a PM so we can share these details without exposing them in a publish thread.

Thanks again for your support on this front. Also, for now, if you are already on 4.1.0-0 then you have the latest available rpm at least for now.

It would be good to find the kernel options required to sort our installer re the HP Gen10. But that’s for another thread I think.



Thanks Phil,

The Gen 10 issue was a total blank screen towards the end of the installation, upon reboot again a blank screen towards the end of the boot process. I tried the usual nomodset tricks but to no avail.

I tested leaf 15.3 and as that worked I went down the route I did. I’ll probably have other things to tidy up.

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