Can't Add Disks to Pool or reformat [SOLVED]


I’ve just installed RockStor 3.9.1 on my new build (which powered up first time, and installed ok once I left alone things I didn’t understand… :grinning: )

I’m trying to re-use some disks which used to be in my ReadyNAS. (mdraid/BTRFS), but I can’t create a new pool with them. When I go to the Disks page, they don’t have a gear icon to re-format them, but an info icon (‘i’ in a circle) with a tooltip that says

Mdraid member (UI pending)

Looks like I have to drop to system shell to wipe them?

Sorted. dd to butcher the partitions, although fdisk probably would have been better. I didn’t really need to write zeroes or random data. Then the disks had ‘?’ icons against them, but I could at least get
to the Disk Role Configuration page to wipe them, and then I could create a (Rockstor) Raid1 pool with them.

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@HarryHUK Hello again.

Yes we have an outstanding doc issue to address this with our ‘official’ mdraid member wipe process that we have yet to integrate into the docs.:

to which I have added a comment linking back to this forum thread in case folks find your particular work around more amenable :).

Mdraid can be pretty persistent.

As always pull requests on our GitHub doc repo:

are always welcome.

Thanks for sharing your findings and work around. Much appreciated.


fdisk was a lot easier to delete the partitions, after a combination of

ls -la /dev/sd*


df -h


btrfs fi us

to make sure I was wiping the right disks (after getting the wrong miniSAS to 4x-sata breakout cable, the right one arrived today, and I could add my other 2 4TB drives)

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