CentOS 7.6 production clean install - InfiniBand Mellanox

I have a clean install of CentOs 7.6 x64.
System has 32GB RAM, Intel i7 CPU,
Adaptec RAID10 16x4TB Hard Drives
Mellanox Connectx-3 with Dual 40Gbit port and MFT drivers installed.

Since the driver can’t be installed into the original RockStor distro.
I wonder if I there is a way to install RockStor on my current CentOS clean install.

Any one that can help?

@roberto0610 Hello again.

I have partly addressed this issue in my reply to your prior post re this 40Gbit network port issue:

Note however that we use an unmodified elrepo kernel so that might help with your explorations of your conundrum.

Hope that helps.