Change update channel? Downgrade? Update problems

I recently installed RockStor on a spare box I’ve been using as a server. Trying to get away from Windows and use a true NAS OS. My Linux skills are pretty limited though I’m trying to improve.

I selected the testing channel for updates and now I’m getting a message saying I’m using an unsupported kernel and to reboot and it will automatically start with the correct kernel. This doesn’t happen.

Pretty much the only reason I selected the testing channel is because the updates on the standard channel would not install either from the GUI or via “yum update”

At this point I want to hopefully change the subscription back to the basic (fresh install) channel, downgrade to said version; and be able to install the updates that the GUI says are available.

I might add that my install is on a 32gb flash drive. When I install in a VM, the update function works just fine.

Please help!

@thehomebiscuit Welcome to the Rockstor community

This can happen if the update was interrupted or failed for some reason, ie the Rockstor package updates but the kernel one doesn’t, or is still doing so, and so it’s just not there to boot into.

So again possibly with the failed / very slow updates. Although we have had a few hours on a few occasions when the updates server was down. But it hasn’t been for very long. If the server was down you would see something like what was expressed in the following thread:


There really isn’t a standard update channel, there is only testing or subscription based, ie see: Update Channels
That may be part of your problem. Prior to selecting one or the other there are no newer Rockstor packages offered as neither the testing or stable has yet been selected. This means you will only get regular upstream updates to almost everything except the Rockstor package, as it has not yet been established which channel you want. Hope that help to explain this part, if I get your meaning here. All other updates (excluding the Rockstor package, mosty) can be installed via the flashing icon to the left of the kernel version.

With this info it now sounds very much like you are using a regular cheap usb stick to do the install onto (ie as system disk). This is really never going to cut it as Rockstor is not, like many NAS OS’s, heavily cut down: in most other respects this is an advantage however. It’s essentially a full on CentOS linux install and so really does need the performance associated with fast USB sticks such as the SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 (an ssd on a stick with sata-to-usb bridge essentially with ssd like performance) or a proper ssd / hdd as otherwise the results are problematic (stuff can times out all over the place). Plus it takes hours to install rather than minutes, which is another indication of the differences between these types of devices.

I’d say try a regular hdd/ssd system disk on your real hardware and see how you go. Also do give the initial update plenty of time to complete prior to the first reboot as there are tones of packages to go in and setup which can take several minutes even on fast hardware.

It is appreciated that there is insufficient feedback on the state of the update and this is something we have an issue open for:

and the forum link from that issue may be of interest.

Hope that helps and if not please post the output of the following commands run as the root user from the terminal:

yum info rockstor


yum update

Hey thanks for your reply. I’m thinking the update probably got interrupted on account of me being impatient and rebooting after not seeing the little icon flashing anymore.

I’m using a SanDisk Cruzer Fit (32gb) for the system drive, but it’s only USB2.0 as are all the busses on this machine.

I did a lot of looking last night and found that the new kernel didn’t install/install correctly. I attempted installing the new kernel and updating grub but upon reboot, it appears my server is broke lol. Keeping in mind I’m on the road and doing all this via remote desktop connection and. SSH. Not a huge deal since I’m just tinkering at this point. I’ll likely hook up an SSD and reinstall when I get home.

I’m hoping RAID5/6 becomes stable soon since for the most part, RockStor appears to do everything UnRAID does (though not to the level my liking as far as being able to select what disks do what) but without the price tag. I decided to put heavy interest in RockStor when I saw that 45Drives kinda recommended it.

Biggest thing I want is the ability to build my array (pool6 as money permits and also the ability to change from RAID5 to RAID6 without backup and rebuild.

As a n00b, any input is much appreciated!

@thehomebiscuit Thanks for the update.

Yes they are definitely build more for size than speed and most likely not appropriate.

USB 2.0 is plenty fast enough it’s just that many usb flash devices are far far slower than the bus they use, especially on write and often fairly terrible on read also. Although newer bus spec also indicates newer technology so hopefully faster. I’ve only go an earlier 16GB model here with the following markings:


Can’t find and speed info on mine or yours.

Yeah I think I might just go grab a 3.0 drive and go that route. Any recommendations? Like what I can buy at good old Wally’s? Don’t really wanna wait for shipping and WorstBuy is a bit out of the way with the time I have.

I’m mildly partial to PNY and SanDisk, though I’ve had 2 SanDisk micro SD cards fail on me…

I’ve used the SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 32GB on a USB 2 interface (Old HP microServer) without any obvious problems. Like Phil says, it’s the real deal for performance.

Yeah I have one on order. I really like the idea of the PCI-e mSATA card for the system but they’re currently out of stock and I don’t know enough about mSATA to just buy the parts and do it myself.