Click-to-backup functionality

Here’s an idea from a user. I want to incorporate other users’ feedback and add support. Please provide your feedback.

  • Click-to-backup functionality - especially for SOHO users.
    Attach a USB disk, make it into a backup-disk
    (Format, Name it backup in the Label and place a .rockstor_backup_SERVERNAME
    file on it so you are sure not to accidentally overwrite other disks),
    Display the date of the last backup (date > that file), and upon a
    "backup now" copy all data to that disk.
    Similarily a plain “delete everything and restore from backup disk”.
    For lost files you have the snapshots, for everything else there is
    manual work.
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I love this idea. If this can be implemented as a one-click part of the web interface, it would be great. High hopes for this to be included the next version of Rockstor.

As a newbie to Rockstor forums I’d vote for this too!

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Be even better if the USB disk could be put into another Rockstor and then deltas replicated. One of the problems with replication currently is the initial backup is v slow if over the Internet. This would solve. I guess it depends whether the backup you envisage is a btrfs snapshot.

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That would be pretty useful especially for making an offline backup. It would really need two features though at least in my opinion.

  1. it would have to span multiple disks. 10TB being the largest HDD currently available with 8TB drives being the ones most people can get a hold of. I don’t think I’m the only one that will need more than one drive to backup with.

  2. (not as vital but definitely nice) For the restore it would be nice if the “restore wizard” would give you the option to either recreate the original shares or to choose a new share for that data. I know a couple people here like myself have two arrays for different data a faster RAID 10 and a slower RAID 5/6

+1 This would really help, I won’t be needing another server for backups