Connecting to Rockstor via SMB from Linux

I have a rather large Rockstor system with 10+ shares and around 10Tb of content.

I have a backupo solution in my home lab that supports installation on Centos, but dowsn’t support the filesystem, so…

I have another Centos 7 VM that I can install the backup client onto and mount the remote SMB shares from Rockstor.

eg. sudo mount -t cifs // -o username=plex_general,password=password,uid=$(id -u),gid=$(id -g),forceuid,forcegid /movies_general

I’m using foreuid and forcegid to ensure I’m working with puched permissions etc. The plex_general user/passwords is common to both Rockstor and my current linux user.

When I mount the share I’m able to touch a file, so clearly I have R/W.

Question is - am I covering all bases here to be able to do a restore under the scenario that if I have to rebuild a Rockstor server, create the sames shares/exports/users/passwords - thata restore should work?

many thanks