Dashboard not everything updated


just recognized in 3.9.1-16:
In the Dashboard

Pool Capacity and Usage
Top Shares by Usage

are not (or not repeated enough) updated.

In a running transfer with 300GB, I can only see the current usage if I change to the
Storage->Pools page.
Not that for what a dashboard is needed.

I’m just testing RockStor to replace FreeNAS (slow of course ZFS)
But some things in RockStor a still a bit strange for x years of development.

I also missing a rsync server as ‘Share’.

@ednt Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Rockstor’s 3.9.1-16 testing channel release (last version of our CentOS based testing channel before it became deprecated) was released around November 2017:

Making it just over 2 years old.

See the following forum thread for the background to this channels deprecation:

And our docs section Update Channels has some more info on our update channels and the pending revival of our developer orientated testing channel releases.

Last stable channel release, noted in the above forum thread was 5 days ago.

OK, so Rockstor is a GPL v2 and later open source project that does accept pull requests and is attempting to fund it’s own sustainability purely in the software realm. This is a common and non trivial problem that has few example solutions. Our current Stable channel subscription is an attempt at this sustainability.

If you would like to address some of these ‘strange’ shortfall for the time we have been in development you are more than welcome. In which case you may find the following Community Contributions docs section and specifically the sub section of Developers of use. But if you do fancy diving in and offering some improvements note that we are well under way in our move to re-basing on a “Built on openSUSE” variant by way of a ‘re-launch’ of sorts. So in which case it is expected that any code contributions are also tested on openSUSE Leap15.1 and Tumbleweed. This has been a fairly massive, but necessary, burden on our limited development resources. But in the end will ensure that our users have an enterprise grade linux that has upstream btrfs support, along with boot to snapshot capability and a community lead upstream.

Yes an rsync service would be nice, but in the midst of our ‘transition’ is unlikely to be added by any of the core developers currently. But if offered up by way of a pull request it is likely to be very welcome. I’d like such a facility myself. But if this is a requirement you can always go the command line route for now; for this you would have to look to CentOS 7 instructions on setting this up. And if the target was an existing Rockstor share (btrfs subvol) then you would at least have the Web-UI facilities on this share.

Hope that helps, at least for some context.

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than your sourcecode page is not well kept.
If you press on ‘Download Latest Version’ you get 3.9.1
I noticed this, but I thought the 3.9.2 versions are beta for an upcoming new stable version.

This makes it not easy for a RockStor beginner.

And if I go to ‘updates’ I see:

System is running the latest Rockstor version: 3.9.1-16

Which does also not help.

And …

yes, I can setup a rsyncd not a problem.
But I can also setup a smb server and a nfs server.
For what I need then a ‘NAS’ distribution?
The only reason is: to make life easier.

And since RockStor is not new, I thought such easy to handle stuff should be already included.
This is more essential then Rock-Ons, because it concerns the main functionality.

How can I now easy upgrade to 3.9.2-52 without data loss?

Btw. iSCSI and S3 are also missing.
S3 is an additional feature, but iSCSI is very usefull to connect to windows servers.

Oh, I just found the search button for this forum.
I use FireFox (latest version) and the 2 buttons beside my user logo are not visible.
Only If I come with the mouse over them, I can see them.